A series of site- sensitive performance events in Sydenham Hill Woods. 

Choreography by Hannah Wallace, 2021
Composer Heloise Tunstall- Behrens 

Performers: Mathie Douchy, Laure Dubanet, 
Jessy Mackay, Teresa Skamletz 

Photography: Kim Chi Le

Pleasures in Pertinent Pink

Commissioned as part of GradLab Project 
at the Point Eastleigh. 

Choreography by Katie Serridge, 2020

Performers: Polly Constanze,
Orla Collier, Teresa Skamletz

Photography: Amber Tanc

Can the Centre Hold 

Choreography by Tara d' Arquian, 2019

Performed at the Bonnie Bird Theatre 
Photography: Trinity Laban
It's really bright and summer
Choreography by Stephanie Schober, 2020
Sound by Rubie Green
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